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"Reset the rules of metal" This was, more or less, the goal of two young German teens that were  bored in their rooms and annoyed of the new metal trend that overshadowed the beginning of the 21st century.

So Ricky Wagner and Thorben Schulz decided to name a band that way, the meaning was to forget every trend which exterminated raw and wild Metal music the way it was meant to be. With their primarily inspirations of 80s Speed and Thrash they began to start their own act and looked at their neighbourhoods to find guys with the same affection of fast metal with all its attitude and musical extremeness.
The line-ups changed repeatedly in the early days of Rezet, but there were numerous of live recordings and first demo recordings that were spread in the underground scene of Germany until the band released their EP “Toxic Avenger” in February of 2008. This 5 track CD was copied some hundred times to prove Rezet’s originality and consistence of the so called “New Wave of Thrash Metal”.
Concerts with big classic acts such as Tankard, Flotsam & Jetsam, Agent Steel as well as gigs with newer Metal bands from all around the world such as Violator or Gama Bomb followed. When they supported Portrait and Enforcer in the beginning of 2009, Iron Kodex Records signed Rezet right on spot after being thrown around of the band’s speed riffing show.

Unfortunately the deal with Iron Kodex brought problems with it. The (CD version) release of the band’s debut album “Have Gun, Will Travel” was delayed to July 2010 and the rights of “Have Gun…” were given to Iron Bonehead.
The independent label from Berlin came up with the vinyl version in November 2010. This first full-length reflects the band’s wild and often punk orientated Metal at its finest: Rezet combine classical tunes with their own interpretations of technical orientated Speed / Thrash Metal.
They toured Europe several times, including countries like Germany, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and so on. Festivals like the “Wacken Open Air”, “Headbangers Open Air” and a lot of underground events have been played by the band.
Rezet are going to record their next album in fall of 2011. The quest of a finally perfect fitting label has begun to spread fresh Metal madness more and more around the world! Look out and dive into that world of Metal without any boundaries. Their time has just begun…


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