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Deadly Hunta

Reading’s Trevor “Deadly Hunta” Samuels is one of the UK’s most respected mcs. After apprenticing on the African Roots and Sky Juice sound systems, an encounter with Bobby Digital on a trip to Jamaica encouraged the young Samuels to improve his craft, choosing the name Deadly Hunta in honour of his idol Bounty Killa. His ear-grabbing Bounty-inspired delivery has brought him hits in the hip hop, reggae, dancehall and jungle spheres over the last decade. Yet despite show after show across Europe and beyond, Deadly is only now ready to drop his debut album, 'Speak My Mind' produced by Reading’s own Catch 22 productions. Angus Taylor spent a sunny evening in Hunta’s back garden, talking about his music, his increasingly conscious direction with Reality Shock records and how his talents run in the family…


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