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Scheisse Minnelli

Scheisse MinnelliScheisse Minnelli is a HC Punk band based in Germany. The band was started in late 2003 by two native Californians and two Germans. The current line up takes it back to that original 50/50 brew with Germans Marlon and Dash holding the rythm tight being joined by California's two most wanted Samuel el Action on vocals and introducing delinquent Mikey P.on guitar. SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS is their latest full length album and it´s out in Europe on Destiny Records and Rock Star Records and in the US on Beanies Records. It is the first full length with Mikey on guitar and an album the band is totally stoked on. On the latest release they took their time to get the right sound and arrange and write the songs to a T! Get ready cause its gonna blow yer mind!

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