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Go Mad! & Monster

Go Mad & MonsterGo Mad! & Monster, DJ´s/Producers/Musicians who break into the Spanish Electronic Scene really hard in the end of 2012. From the union of Rick Jary and Krash a project full of dirty mixes was born. From the hardest "EDM" to the top dubstep, always in a rock atmosphere. Yves as drummer/vocals and Doc Inari as the official guitar player lend more weight to the "live" they execute in their shows and it is really all the rage into his fans due to their chaotic magnetism, their images and their performances. Go Mad! & Monster was born because of the conformism reigning the spanish electronic music in the last years.


It was born from the wish to create an innovation not only in a musical level but a show where the public takes an important role. And in summer of 2012 they become "Zoological Club Madrid" official resident band, the most important club of Madrid. 2013 is the year when they proclaim as one of the most wanted artists in Spain, and they achive to play in some of the most important clubs and festivals all over Spain...

We can almost affirm that we are in the face of the definite electronic musicband. A show up to people´s hopes.